It’s been a while…

1 08 2010

This is sad, but today was the first day I really did any serious photo work all summer. I was tired of such a long idle period, so I got together with two of my friends, Aaron and Henry, and decided to get some more rig shot practice in. A few hours of shooting and quite a few more hours processing left me with these final shots!

Aaron's Evo X

Aaron's Evo X

Henry's IS250

Henry's IS250

More shots from today can be seen on my flickr!


Basement Studio!

11 12 2009

Yesterday, the UPS guy came by my house once again to drop off my new backdrop setup that I ordered from B&H Photo. My setup includes two Impact ten-foot stands, a twelve-foot crossbar, and a 10×24′ white muslin sheet. I might pick up a roll of seamless paper sometime, depending on how much I like this muslin sheet. I am still trying to find a way to light all of it for full-body shots. I really like the pure, bright white look. But if not, the slight grey gradient works for me too. Anyways, here are two quick test shots I did last night.

I’m looking forward to getting more involved with portraiture.

Houston Autorama’s Tuner Galleria

10 12 2009

Well, the last event I covered was on November 27th in the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX. It was called Tuner Galleria, which was a small section of the O’Reilly Autorama show. A good friend of mine was hired as the executive photographer and was asked to gather a few more photographers to work as his “staff.” Lucky me, he asked me to be one of them.

Here’s just a few of my favorites from that event:
Larry Dye's Custom Widebody Porsche Cayman

Larry Dye's Custom Widebody Porsche Cayman - Interior

Eric Shih's Custom Widebody BMW M3

Eric Shih's Custom Widebody BMW M3

Team Nextstage's Porsche GT2

The full set can be seen here: on Flickr

I have entered the world of blogging.

10 12 2009

Well, I read an article stating that every photographer should try to set up a blog, so this is what I have set out to accomplish.

Here, I will post updates every time I shoot and include a photo or two and a description of what the shoot was all about.

I’m pretty excited to get started!

See my flickr at: