BMW M3’s at Lincoln Haymarket

3 10 2010

I had been meaning to get a few more rig shots done of my car, so I finally found time this weekend to get that done. I asked my friend Bugra to tag along to help me out and told him I’d do one for his car too. We had fun shooting these, and I need all the practice I can get! The weather is also starting to shift towards winter, so I was happy to be able to get out and get some shots done before the snow comes in.


Oak Lake

11 03 2010

On Saturday, I took a quick trip to Oak Lake here in Lincoln to shoot around with a few friends.

Here are a few:



The rest are on flickr

Memorial Stadium Tour

2 03 2010

Last Tuesday, UNL’s Photo Club and Lincoln’s Flickr group joined forces to go on a photo tour of the famous Memorial Stadium.

Here are a few shots that I got:
Memorial Stadium's Field from the Press Box

I Play For Nebraska

Hawks Championship Center

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